What you can do

How you can help (after you have signed up)

What else can you do to Back Britain’s Charities?


If you have an email list or an e-newsletter you have a powerful tool at your disposal. If you think the people on your list or your newsletter subscribers might be concerned about this issue, please send them a stand alone email or include an item in your regular bulletin asking them to sign up for the campaign.  Please link to the sign up page: http://backbritainscharities.org.uk/back-the-campaign/

Show your support with a campaign graphic

Back Britain's Charities campaign logo

Download the official campaign logo and campaign illustrations for your website, blog or newsletter (various sizes available).

Social media

If you are on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn please spare a moment to tell your contacts that you have signed up and encourage them to do the same (and link back to the sign up page).

Follow @BackingCharity for campaign updates and #backingcharity hashtag for wider debate around the campaign.

Need help or want to share your campaign ideas?

Please use the comment section below to share your tips or ask questions. Alternatively drop an email to contact@backbritainscharities.org.uk

4 Comments on “What you can do”

  1. maddy halliday says:

    Dear Back Britain’s charities… good campaign but can you clarify if you are engaging with equivalents to NCVO in the devolved countries… e.g. in Scotland we have Scottish Council on Voluntary Orgs.

    maddy halliday, Director Scotland, Stroke Association.

    • wonderingwordsmith says:

      Hi Maddy -
      Yes we’ve been in touch with partner organisations - including SCVO - before the campaign and we continue to work with them! Hope that answers your question, the backing charity team

  2. Mariette says:

    Thought you should know that your Sign Up page http://backbritainscharities.org.uk/back-the-campaign/ is showing as blank (white page with comments at the bottom). I am using a Mac and Firefox browser.

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