How you can help as a parliamentarian

There are many ways that parliamentarians can help support our campaign to Back Britain’s Charities, both in Parliament and in your own constituencies. We would urge you to lend your support alongside the many charities, individuals and businesses who have already signed-up to back the campaign. Here are a few ideas on how you might be able to help in a practical way:

1. Sign-up.

If you support our campaign asks here then please do take the time to sign-up here. We really appreciate all the backing we can get and by lending your name you help strengthen the voice of concerned charities in these difficult times.

2. Tweet.

It’s quick and easy to do and helps spread our important campaign messages far and wide. You can find the campaign on Twitter at @backingcharity and you can openly broadcast your support for the campaign by using #backingcharity.

3. Promote the campaign in Parliament.

As a parliamentarian you have unique access to important networks of influencers and decision-makers. We’re asking you to promote our campaign to your Parliamentary networks in whatever way you can, be that through word of mouth, sharing the link, using internal Parliamentary communications or highlighting our issues more formally within the Chamber. If there is any additional help you might be able to offer in terms of supporting and promoting the campaign within Parliament please do contact us at

4. Inform charities in your constituencies.

Though we already have substantial reach in terms of our own charity networks, we are determined to make sure that word of Back Britain’s Charities spreads far and wide to all of the voluntary sector organisations who might be effected by the downturn in funding. As a constituency MP we would be grateful if you could make the charities in your area aware of our campaign movement.

5. Write to your local papers.

Similarly, on a local level, it would be a great boost to Back Britain’s Charities if you could write a letter of support to your local and regional press. If you require additional information or materials in order to do this then please email

6. Use our logo.

You can download our logo here. Please do feel free to openly demonstrate your support by hosting the Back Britain’s Charities logo and link on your website. Our logo can also be used to badge any press releases or communications about charitable work you undertake in your constituency.

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