How you can help as a company

We’re asking business to Back Britain’s Charities and to help make sure that the value and contribution of civil society continues to be widely acknowledged.

Of course, we’re aware of the great work that many companies already do via their fundraising, charitable donations and Corporate Social Responsibility, but we’d like businesses to join a much wider conversation alongside the public, government and charities themselves. If charities are to survive the impact of cuts, a drop in donations and government cuts, then it will not be without the backing of business and industry.

Here are some quick and easy short-term ideas on how you and your organisation can add support to a growing campaign.

1. Sign up.

By lending your name to this campaign you are helping to make our voice stronger. Businesses are a vital part of any campaign that affects broader society and even just by adding your support in name you help to reinforce our message and take us a step closer to reaching our campaign aims. Click here to sign up now!

2. Spread the word.

If you’ve chosen to back our campaign, then we ask you to use your own networks – internal, external and social media – to communicate our important messages about the difficulties facing valuable charities. You can ask for further information for this purpose by emailing The more people who know about this and support it, the more weight the campaign has in terms of our asks to government to help strengthen the third sector.

So please:

  • Write about Back Britain’s Charities in your internal communications, newsletters and on your company’s intranet. Feel free to download and use our logo and do also link to the website and urge your employees to sign-up.
  • Similarly, it would be great is you could endorse the campaign in any external communications to clients and customers. We’re more than happy for you to use our logo on your website too!
  • Follow us on twitter at @backingcharity and openly broadcast your support for our campaign to your followers by using #backingcharity.

3. Tell us what you think.

As already stated, Back Britain’s Charities needs the support of business to speak legitimately about the impact of charity, particularly due to the unique perspective many companies have, often working in partnership with the voluntary sector. We would also welcome your thoughts and opinions on how we could use our campaign to help avoid a bleak future for charities. Who else should we include in this debate? Who should be at the forefront? What else could business offer in terms of assistance? We’d be keen to hear any thoughts/feedback so please email

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