How you can help as a charity

There are lots of ways that charities can help to support the Back Britain’s Charities campaign in order to make sure we make the biggest possible impact and capture the imaginations of everyone who cares about charity and the important work the voluntary sector does.

This list is by no means exhaustive and we’re keen to hear from you about any other ways you could help this new campaign.

1. Sign up

If you haven’t already – sign up to support the campaign. You’ll be in good company as scores of brilliant charities from around the country have already pledged their support. Read some of our supporters’ comments  to find out why they are backing the campaign.

2. Spread the word.

Use your organisation’s e-newsletters or email lists to encourage more organisations and individuals to sign up (email is the most powerful tool to spread the word!).  If your organisation is active on social media (you have a Facebook page, Twitter account etc) please encourage your followers to sign up.

Tip: Feel free to reuse copy on the campaign website and use our campaign logo and images.

3. Follow us on Twitter.

Follow @backingcharity on Twitter and use the campaign hash tag #backingcharity to promote debate around the campaign. On Tuesdays we’ll also be using (you’ve guessed it!) #charitytuesday. Twitter is great tool and a modern way to share campaign news and developments so do keep an eye on our feed and retweet us when you can!

4. Use campaign logos.

By sporting our campaign badge (in a virtual sense!) you can let the world know that you have pledged to Back Britain’s Charities. Download the campaign images - using our logo on your website is a simple and effective way to show your support and promote the campaign. It would be great if you could link to us too!

5. Contact your MP.

Contact your local politicians to let them know our key “asks” and call on them to support the campaign as your elected representative. You can find out who your MP is by searching for your postcard on the Write to Them website.

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