How you can help as an individual

There are lots of ways that you can give more and support the charities and causes that you’re passionate about. Here are a few suggestions of ways for you to give more, no matter how much or how little you might have.

1. Give.

There are lots of easy and accessible ways to donate to charities and to support the causes that you believe in! It’s a good idea to think about what type of causes you would like to give to, and then which charity’s work you particularly want to support. There are many different charities working for various different causes. You can always have a look at all the different charities on the Charity Commission website.

2. Give regularly.

It might sound obvious, but by giving regularly you help your charities by allowing them to plan their finances and make choices about their future. Make regular donations to charities – however small or large – by setting up a direct debit, or using payroll giving.

Payroll giving schemes such as CAF’s Give As You Earn programme mean you can sign up and give directly to nominated charities out of your pay before tax is deducted. Giving £1 in this way would only cost a basic rate taxpayer 80 pence. Plus the automated payments mean you’ll never forget to make a donation.

3. Use Gift Aid when you give.

Gift Aid increases the value of donations to charities by allowing them to reclaim basic rate tax on your gift. By using Gift Aid you’re maximising the value of your donation by increasing the amount you give to your chosen charity. Bonus!

4. Volunteer.

Giving your time to give to charities is just as important and valuable as giving your donations. Whether you’re just able to help out in some way, or you have professional skills that you could deploy to help a local charity then this can be even more valuable than donating funds.

5. Donate unwanted goods.

Giving unwanted clothes, furniture and other goods is an easy and effective way to help give more to charities. Equally, buying goods from charities helps generate funds too – with the added benefit of allowing you to grab a bargain!

6. Take part in a sponsored event to fundraise for a charity.

Running a marathon? Bathing in a bath of beans?  Get sponsored and donate the money to charity. Many websites now allow people to fundraise with the money going straight to charities online. It’s also a great way to publicise the cause to others.

7. Sign up to campaigns.

You can start by adding your name to Back Britain’s Charities if you haven’t already! You might also want to get involved in the Give More campaign. Supporting campaigns to promote giving to charities is an easy way to make a difference, to influence government policy and to improve the sector. It’s all about people power!

8. Contact your local MP.

It’s what they’re paid for after all! By engaging with your local MP, you can make sure that your voice is heard on the issues affecting you, and that the importance of charities and community organisations are clear to your representative to influence the Government. You can find out who to contact and how to do it on the Write to Them website

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